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4 Secrets for Successful List Building.

What’s the secret to building a list of active, engaged subscribers? Wouldn’t it be helpful to get some tips from someone who has been doing internet marketing successfully for a long time?

Ron Davies runs many email marketing campaigns with AWeber and says these campaigns have been instrumental in his business growth and success. I worked with him personally on optimizing his campaigns and noticed that he has been very successful with building his lists.

I was impressed by the different strategies Ron was using, so we’ll look at Ron’s secrets for building a successful campaign and discuss how you can implement them to build your own engaged list.


You have the first hurdle of getting them to want to sign up, then the challenge becomes keeping them happy to stay on your list. Subscribers tend to be more active during the first month they’ve signed up on your list. For example, a study from MarketingSherpa has found that the welcome email is one that most subscribers will read, and yet many marketers neglect using it to engage subscribers.

Subscriber engagement is not something that should be put off as a future concern. You want your subscribers to stay engaged with your company from the moment they sign up.


Aweber Email Marketing

Offer an Incentive to Sign Up
Ron offers incentives such as free videos or reports for signing up to his email lists.
We’ve talked about the pros and cons of incentives before, but incentives can help you build your list when used the right way. You should keep these tips in mind regarding incentives:

** Keep your incentive relevant to your email campaign
** Provide value to the subscriber without undermining the value of your emails
** Use confirmed opt-in to weed out those who signed up just for the incentive

Emphasize the Value of Your Information

Ron makes sure prospects understand his emails are valuable by offering them a “free trial subscription”. This lets them know that the information they will be receiving is worth something, and that later they may even want to pay to keep receiving his messages.
It’s especially important to emphasize the value if you’re offering an incentive, since you want people to know that getting on your mailing list and the free gift are BOTH reasons they should fill out your web form.

Make sure your subscribers know exactly what they are signing up for, and find ways to show off your campaign’s value like:

** Including testimonials from happy subscribers
** Providing examples of previous messages you’ve sent
** Offering your credentials so they know why they should listen to you

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